How to earn tcoins

WHEN YOU SEE "tcoins" on ads 

Stop skipping to Earn tcoins 
Watching ads in full. 

How many tcoins can i get ?

From each ad watched in full 
You will receive 100 tcoins 

At the end of each ads 
you tcoins will be credited to your tcoins wallet here.

What do i get with tcoins ?

You can use your past 24 hours earned tcoins to bid and win one of the many daily prizes.

The Highest bidder WIN the Prize. 
It's that simple! 

What happen to my tcoins if i don't Win the Bid?

Don't worry the tcoins you used to bid are credited back to your wallet if you did not win the Bid.

Other than Bid how can i use my tcoins ?

Your tcoins have a life spend of 60 days and we invite you to visit frequently the tcoins store (in your wallet) and check the redeems. 

Use your tcoins to purchase Crypto tokens or our tcoins store sponsored products and offers. 

What if i SKIP Ads ?

If you SKIP ad 

The following screen will give you the option to keep your tcoins by finishing to watch the ad.